About West Redding Preschool


Our philosophy is to encourage children to feel they are capable of doing for themselves, in order to develop good self esteem, independence and positive feelings toward learning.

Admission Policy:

Children who are between the ages of 6 weeks and 9 years of age, who are of any sex, creed, nationality, or religious belief are admitted to West Redding Preschool.

Hours of Operation:

West Redding Preschool operates from 6:30am TO 6:00pm Monday through Friday, year round. Major holidays are observed.

Our Goals:

Our goals are to prepare each child today for the educational challenges they will face tomorrow, and to create an atmosphere that will enhance and develop each child’s growth and uniqueness.

Our caring staff is dedicated to help children develop enthusiasm and a love for learning.

Our Programs:

Our educational programs provide a curriculum that is based on literacy, math, science, art, and reading readiness.


USDA approved breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided daily.

West Redding Preschool, license #455401405